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CryptoTeddies Migration

It‘s time to move the CryptoTeddies Collection from Opensea to a self-hosted/controlled Collection (ERC721 & ERC1155). Follow only these two steps ( & ) for the Migration:

Approve of OpenSea Storefront assets (once)

Please approve the CryptoTeddies Minter (only once) (0xf5c5600bd083cedd35555f98b6df9f416215ce92) to manage your OpenSea Storefront assets by clicking “Approve” below. This is necessary to wrap existing CryptoTeddies assets and mint new on-chain (metadata) CryptoTeddies tokens.

Display your CryptoTeddies & Migrate each only once

Attention, the gas fee you need to pay is really low. If it is too high, you don‘t own or already migrated the CryptoTeddies.